Thursday, July 19, 2012

The I'm poor, hot and lazy diet

I live in Brooklyn now, so I have to cook all my own food.  (This is one thing I miss about living with Mindee is never having to cook).  

Food in New York City is expensive.  I found a grocery store close to my house that doesn't charge outrageous prices for fruits and vegetables.  But, I buy everything in basic ingredients (because it is healthier and cheaper that way), so I have to cook everything I eat.  I found a package of lentils (yay for protein) for only $1.69.  And the package lasts for over a week.  Ha ha.  Take that processed food giants.  I will not succumb to your yummy corn syrup infused foods at ridiculously low prices.  I have nice cheap lentils, I don't need your food.  

It is hot.  I hate being hot.  Sometimes I get hungry, and I just don't want to bother with cooking.  And I can't order food because I'm poor.  So I eat a popsicle.  Yum.

The thing about popsicles is that they don't have a lot of calories.  The popsicles are only about 100 calories each (give or take a few calories).  So if I eat a couple popsicle instead of eating dinner, I don't overeat.  

When I do cook, the food is low calorie with lots of vitamins that fills me up.  When I used to eat more processed food, I'd get hungry within hours after eating.  Now I stay full all day.  And when you eat healthy low calorie food, you can eat as much as you want, till your tummy is completely full, because it isn't going to make you fat.  Whereas, when you eat cupcakes or icecream until your tummy is full you gain 5 lbs.   

So I have been losing weight.  I am still about 30 lbs heavier than I want to be.  But at least it isn't 40 lbs anymore.  And, my friend says I look skinnier.    

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amyrose said...

Yay for good food!! Boo for being too hot. It's too hot everywhere! What a summer. I love hearing how you are doing!