Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Annibelle and the Epically Bad Day

Yesterday was an epically bad day for me.  I went to see an apartment in the city, and nothing went right the whole day.  Maybe if just one thing had gone wrong, it would have been fine, but with everything piling on top of each other I was completely spent by the time I got home.  All I wanted to do was lie in bed with the lights off and cry.

When I got home, I went straight to my room to put my plan into action.  Annibelle was at the top of the stairs, and when she saw me, she shouted "Aunt Jeanie is home!" like this was the best news ever. The she followed me into my room happily chatting at me.  I pulled off my shoes and crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head.  Annibelle crawled into bed next to me.  She pulled the covers away from my head and said "You don't have to hide, Aunt Jeanie, I'm nice."  Then she told me not to cry, and happily played next to me for a while.  

This was both good and bad-- it was sweet she liked me so much, but she recently started blowing raspberries, and she spent a lot of time blowing raspberries in my face. 


amyrose said...

there's not much you can do but embrace life with toddlers!! Hallie used to pull my eyelids back to check if I was sleeping... not anymore!!! Thankfully, she's grown out of that.

Rachel said...

I'm glad that Annibelle was there to take care of you, and I'm sorry you had such a bad day.