Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preggers Clothes at Anthropology

I have a job at Anthropologie, the wonderful women's clothing store.  Anthropologie doesn't officially have a maternity line, but they seem to have a lot of clothes one could wear while pregnant, or right after being pregnant, when a woman isn't skinny yet.  Because, we all know, unless you are a supermodel, or super lucky, it takes forever to get a normal shape after pregnancy.  

Over the years I have had a lot of pregnant friends and family members.  One of the major complaints I hear about the clothing options is how boring and ugly they are.  No one really wants to wear hideous clothing, especially when she already feels like a whale.  

When I am at Anthropology, I see a lot of clothes, and think, "Wow, my pregnant friends could wear that."  Sometimes I even help pregnant women find clothes to wear.  One time, I help a guy find his pregnant wife a present.  (Helping guys is my favorite, because I love when men buy something their wife will love.)  I also have a couple managers at work who are pregnant, and who wear clothes from Anthropologie all the time.  

Below, I have collected a lot of the clothes that a woman could wear while pregnant.  Some she could wear all the way to 9 months, some for just the first tri-mester.  Also, all the clothes are made for women 59", so if you are shorter than that, they will be longer on you than pictured on the model.  

Rompers and Pants
My pregnant manager wears the Ikat romper all the time-- and she looks ready to give birth.  When I first saw these lounger pants, my first thought was that they look like maternity pants-- the fabric is thick like regular khakis, so they look like normal pants, except for the knit waist band.  

Blue Toile Jumpsuit
Dao Ikat Jumpsuit
Holding Horses Chambray Romper
Holding Horses Denim Jumper
Madrona Linen Lounger
Striped Linen Lounger
These dresses all don't have a waist band, or a stretch waistband-- they are long and flowy, and easy.  
Calcada Dress
Grandiflora Maxi Dress
Nighttide High-low Dress
Pavani Maxi Dress
Pleated Cadence Dress
Topanga Canyon Maxi Dress
Tunc length tops and dresses
The following is a collection of tops and dresses that hit between the knee and the bum.  Some of these items would come to almost the knee on a non-pregnant woman, but on a pregnant woman, especially at 9 months, the front hem would be much higher.  I've tried to include items that are stretch, or that I know have lots of room in them.
OndadeMar Cassia Cover-up 
Abstractions Tunic
Akela Swing Dress
Amapola Swing Dress
Andaman Beaded Tunic
Blushed Spectrum Peasant Dress
Brighton Swing Dress
Capsleeve Shift Dress
Claudette Tunic
Coastal Line Tunic
Daytrip Buttondown
Dotted Seafoam Swing Top 
Embroidered Gallardia Cover-up 
Embroidered Haritha Tank
Flounced Menagerie Cami Tunic
Gathered Sonata Dress
Graced Swing Dress
Izatapa Pompom Poncho
Jacquard Beach Tunic
Lace & Linen Shift
Lacepath Tunic
Leveled Lace Dress
Lingered Lace Top
Marcara Tunic
Sassanid Tunic
Savatta Tunic
Sayulita Crest Shift
Skikda Beach Tunic
Tasseled Sayulita Poncho
Taylor Sleep Shirt
Tisa Swing Dress
Trapunto Tunic
Twirl Hem Dress
Venonetta Tunic
Furano Kimono Blouse
Fluttered Heather Tunic
Anila Tassel Tunic
These tops are roomy.  Some of them may be too short to make it all the way through pregnancy-- but they would be great at the beginning of pregnancy or right after pregnancy.
Channeled Lace Top
Clara Peasant Blouse
Colorblocked Brookline Blouse
Ellington Smocked Peasant Blouse
Emery Tunic
Mission District Peasant Top
Paneled eyelet tunic
Airglow Swing Top
Cabana Stipe Henely
Eyelet Peasant Blouse
Flora Nouvea Tunic
Fluttered Tunic Henely
Flyer & Catcher Racerback Tank
Henely Peasant Top
Itea Blouse
Long Beach Peasant Top
Mae Henely Tunic
Mariner Trapeze Tunic
Marpesia Kimono Top
Mixed Mosaic Top
Nimbim Peasant Blouse
Pleated Santari Buttondown
Smocked Henely Blouse
Spun Meteroid Blouse
Stiched Dahlia Blouse
Sunsoaked Chambray Top
Swizzle Stripe Tunic
Tarim Swing Tank
Tassled Palolem Buttondown
Ventura Cover-up
Zocalo Peasant Blouse
Parkway Convertible Top
Roseblush Tunic

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