Friday, January 27, 2012

Look-a-like Stars

I just started watching the first episode of Finder, the new Bones spin-off. I immediately recognized one of the actresses.  But I couldn't remember where I saw her.  So I went to IMDb to find out.  However, none of her works in her filmography was what I was remembering her in.  This is when I realized I was thinking of another girl.  I finally remembered that I'd seen the girl in Fairly Legal. And when I saw the two pictures next to each other, it was obvious why I was confused.  Because the two girls look almost exactly alike.  Like they are sisters, or twins.  
Mercedes Masohn on the left, Sarah Shahi on the right. 


Michelle Collett said...

Do you ever watch Jane by Design on ABCFamily? The premise of the show seems like one you might enjoy.

I had a double take like that with the blonde girl on Psych. I thought she looked like Alicia Silverstone.

amyrose said...

HEY! I've been watching The Finder too! Do you like it so far? I think its a pretty fun show.

The Plant Princess said...

I like it. I am a huge Bones fan, and it is fun to watch while it is on hiatus. I like that it has kind of a unique format.

claradiy said...

The same exact thing happened to me- so strange! Complete look-a-likes.