Friday, April 27, 2012

Kitty Cats have breached the perimeter!

I live in a house with 5 cats.  I am also allergic to cats.  I spend a lot of time in my room with my door closed and my air filter on high, wishing my nose wasn't so swollen.  

This week the family I am staying with went to Disney World.  I stayed behind to take care of the house.  The cats quickly realized that I was the only slave left.  If they needed to go outside, I was the one who had to let them outside. If they wanted the nice, canned cat food, I had to open it for them.  And if they wanted someone to sit on, I was the only choice. 

I didn't change my routine much--I still spent most of the week in my room with the door closed.  But two of the cats figured out how to open my door and find me.  

The first was Katie.  I'm pretty sure she batted against the door until it opened (my door swings in, and the latch isn't that great.)  I was sitting in my room, and I kept hearing a thumping noise.  A few minutes later, Katie poked her head in the door with a look on her face like "I need to sit upon someone, and I was wondering if you were available."  I chased her away before she could get on my bed, and leave her allergy causing hair on my bed.

The second breacher was Jacks. He got in my room 2 or 3 times.  I am pretty sure he figured out how to open the door handle--its one of the lever door handles that are easy to open.  He usually showed up in the morning, when he wanted to go outside.  I am pretty sure Jacks sees my main purpose in life as opening doors for him.  Sometimes he will come and stare at me until I go over to the front door to open it for him.  A couple times when Jacks showed up, I was awake, and I got up right away to open the front door so he could go outside.  But one of the times, I was asleep when he showed up.  I woke up to find Jacks a few inches from my face, staring at me.  

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Michelle Collett said...

Pete and Mindee have some pretty talented cats.