Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life as a Nanny

When I was in law school, I used to nanny for my brother and sister-in-law.  This entailed babysitting my niece Kamina several times a week.  Kamina was a wonderful baby, who enjoyed taking naps on my tummy while I watched tv.  

So, when I moved in with Mindee, I had some experience being a nanny.  However, every child is unique, and I had to get used to the two angels I help take care of now.  

Annibelle is 3.  She is firmly convinced that the entire universe revolves around her.  If she is mad, she doesn't just get upset.  She says "I don't need you anymore."  Like a princess dismissing her subject.  Surprisingly, this does not go over well with her mother.  

Annibelle also likes to help with her little sister Callie.  She likes to make sure Callie doesn't run away, or go anywhere that she might get hurt.  However, the way Annibelle helps, is by pushing Callie in the direction she wants her to go, or by pulling Callie behind her.  Callie doesn't like this.  Lots of screaming is involved.

Sometimes, I get very frustrated that I haven't found a job yet.  I want to move back to the city, and see all my friends, and have time and money to do lots of fun things.  But, when I spend time with Annibelle and Callie, I don't feel so frustrated.  

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Michelle Collett said...

Annibelle and Jill sound very similar in how they treat their younger siblings.

Sorry about the job hunt. :( I'm glad you get to spend the in between time with those cute girls though!!