Friday, April 13, 2012

Paddington Bear Coat

When I was a little girl, my daddy used to read me the Paddington Bear stories. And I had a Paddington Bear doll.  Paddington Bear is a delightful bear, who talks and lives with people.  He loves marmalade, and he wears a coat with toggles.  

The first time I tried marmalade, I only bought it because for years I had wondered what exactly it tasted like.  We never had marmalade growing up.  I love marmalade, and sometimes I think it might be largely based on my love of Paddington Bear. 

I few weeks ago, I saw a coat at GAP that reminded me of Paddington Bear.  On the TV show Fashion Star, one of the contestants had made a yellow coat, and one of the judges made an unfavorable comment about how the coat reminded him of Paddington Bear, and that this somehow made the coat less appealing.  I, however, strongly believe that people should have fun with their wardrobes.  I hate winter, when everyone wears black for 4 months. 

When, I saw the yellow toggle coat at GAP, I immediately wanted it.  And it was on SALE! And I am fat, and needed spring coat.  So I bought it.  

Paddington Bear coat from GAP


Kelsey said...

Awesome. Nothing wrong with looking like Paddington Bear. Just don't spill marmalade on it!!

Rachel said...

It is a very cute coat. And I always liked Paddington bear, too.

Michelle Collett said...

I liked Paddington Bear, too. What a great coat!