Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Courtney on the Bachelor

A lot of people dislike Courtney on this season of the Bachelor.  They say that she makes things about her, and she is aggressive, etc,etc.  However, I think that Courtney is just acting like a girl in a relationship.

Courtney makes sure that Ben knows that she likes him.  She flirts with him, and the other girls get mad at her.  Like she is doing something wrong.  But, if this show is supposed to be real, then it makes sense that Courtney flirts with him.  Because it is a dating show.  I think it is possible that Courtney likes Ben more than any of the other girls.  The other girls talk about how much they like Ben, but Courtney shows Ben--by flirting with him, and stealing time to be with him.  And inviting him to come hang out with her.  

And Courtney doesn't just accept being one of 10 other girls, she tells Ben that if he wants her to stick around, he has to show her that he likes her.  Which I understand.  Frankly, I am amazed that more girls don't do the same thing.  On most seasons of the Bachelor, the Bachelor tells the girls he likes that he is developing feelings, and falling in love, and is romantic with the girls he likes.  But Ben is not romantic, and isn't good about telling the girls he likes them.  He is starting to really annoy me, and I think that Courtney could do better.

On the last episode, some of the girls were getting really sad about going home. And Courtney was like 'this isn't the only chance we have at finding love, we shouldn't be so depressed,' and, of course, the other girls got mad at her.  But she had a point.  The show is supposed to be fun.  Courtney is having fun.  And maybe she makes jokes about how she is "winning"  all the time, but I am beginning to get that it is just her make jokes, because she is a light-hearted person with a quirky personality.  And the producers are trying to make her look like a villain so the ratings will go up.  

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