Friday, February 17, 2012

Heart Box

I found some craft foam sheets at the store a few weeks ago.  I have wanted craft foam sheets ever since I was a child, and was always envious of others who got to make things with it. (I know I have weird issues.)  

Anyway, I bought the foam.  Then, I had to figure out what to do with it.  There were so many possibilities!  After mulling over what should be my first craft foam sheet project, I decided to make myself a heart shaped box, in honor of valentine's day.  

I cut a heart for the top, and a heart 1/8 of an inch smaller on every side for the bottom (the foam was 1/8 inch thick, and I wanted my top and bottom to fit snugly.)  Then I cut the sides-- all the same height.  I cut 4 pieces, each the length of 1/2 of the distance around the heart.  

Then, I cut a thin strip of pretty fabric for the top, and a length of matching ribbon for the bottom.  I put my box together by sewing the side pieces to the fabric/ribbon, and then sewing the top/bottom to the fabric/ribbon.

Sew the side to the ribbon, and then the top.
Sew the side pieces together with a piece of ribbon.
The finished box.

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Rachel said...

Very nice. And you do have issues. As your twin I can say this, and you still have to talk to me. :)