Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dream Wedding

If I had to have any tv wedding when I get married, I would pick Blair's wedding on Gossip Girl.  Blair has impeccable taste, and loves peonies and clothes like I do, so it is no wonder that I loved her wedding so much.  Everyone in the wedding had peonies, and the colors were gray and pale pink. It was very classy, and had a lot of nod to Will and Kate's wedding (Blair was marrying a prince, so that make sense).  Lots of people wore hats (yay!) and the whole affair was classy and understated while extremely glamorous.  

I pinned my favorite pictures from the wedding episode (you can watch it on Hulu too-- it is the episode titled "G.G.").  I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures on my blog from pintrest or the CW website.  

The episode was dramatic, with lots of twists.  Only a few episodes before this one, Blair had decided to leave her fiance for the love of her life, Chuck.  I was super excited, because I am a big fan of Chuck and Blair together.  (They are my favorite characters on the show).  But then, Chuck and Blair got in a car accident, while they were running away.  Blair lost her baby (I cried), and Chuck was in a coma.  Blair was worried that Chuck was going to die, and she went to the chapel in the hospital to pray-- major personal growth for Blair-- Blair was never the faithful type.  Blair told God that she would give up being with Chuck, and marry Louis (her fiance) if he would save Chuck.  And then Chuck pulled through.

Blair spent the next few weeks trying to find a loophole, so she could be with Chuck.  She eventually came to the conclusion that she should follow through with her promise to God to marry Louis.  Chuck, in the meantime, was very confused (especially since Blair wouldn't tell him why she was with Louis).  

While in the end, Chuck did not try to sabotage Blair's wedding, others did conspire to keep the wedding from happening, including Blair's mother, Blair's best friend Sabrina, a corrupt Priest, Blair's enemy Georgina (another character I love), and possibly Dan, Blair's best guy friend, and Sabrina's on-and-off boyfriend.  

In the end, Blair did marry Louis, but not before Louis learned that she still loved Chuck.  Then, at the wedding reception, Louis told her they would have a marriage in name only, and that he did not love her, and they would be like strangers when they were not in the public eye.  Blair, understandably upset about this, ran off with her best guy friend Dan (who is secretly in love with Blair), and tried to get a quick divorce. Eventually, Blair decided, after her family was threatened by her husband's family, to stay with Louis for one year, and then leave him (the minimum length of time required in the pre-nup).  

So, Blair is stuck in a love-less marriage.  Chuck finally found out about Blair's promise to give him up.  Chuck has grown as an individual, and is one of the few people who did not try to stop Blair's wedding.  Someday, Chuck and Blair will be together.  If they keep maturing at the same rate that they have been doing, they will be excellent life partners for each other.  


Rachel said...

When you upload pictures to blogger, there is an option to upload a URL, but you have to copy the source URL from the photo, and use that, not the website you found it on.

You should post pictures. Sounds pretty.

Michelle Collett said...

I am so glad I don't live in a television show.

Although the wedding does sound beautiful. I am positive it was more beautiful than my reception.