Monday, January 30, 2012

PJ Pants

While I was visiting Rachel, I made my first pair of PJ pants.  I made the pants for Emily from an old pair of PJ pants that I had, that were getting worn out.  I figured there was enough good cloth to make Emily a pair of pants, and then she would have matching PJ pants with Rachel.  Me and Rachel got the PJ pants a few years ago as Christmas presents from Mindee.

I used a pair of Emily's PJ pants as a pattern, adding a few inches at the top to allow me to make a place for the elastic to go.  The pants only took a few hours to make (it would have been shorter if Rachel had not fallen asleep when she was supposed to be telling me what to do.)
Emily in her PJ pants.
 The fabric I used had a small nail-polish stain, so I sewed on a small patch to cover the stain.  I matched the stripes, so it would be hidden.
I also added a pocket to the front, because Emily loves pockets.  It was a nice wide pocket, so she could easily put her had in, and maybe carry things.   


Michelle Collett said...

I know those pants!

You did a really good job with the patch.

And I love the pocket. Those pants look really good!

amyrose said...

So so so so cute!! I love them! Nicely done covering the fingernail polish stain too, and the pocket is adorable!

Rachel said...

I was not asleep. I was lying in bed with morning sickness, telling you what to do next.