Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Recently,in the beginning of November, my sister lost her baby.  Tabitha was about 8 months old when she passed. My niece Emily loved her little sister very much, and was understandably very sad.  

By Christmas time, Emily was doing a lot better, and was back to her normal cheerful self.  But she still remembered her sister, and would occasionally ask if Tabitha was better yet, so she could come home. 

A few days after Christmas, Emily made some snowmen with her Grandpa.  They made a Grandpa snowman and an Emily snowman.  
Granpa Boling, and Emily with their snowmen.
Grandpa thought they were done, and he went inside to warm up, leaving Emily to play outside.  Emily, however, decided they needed another snowman, and started making it all by herself.  She would get a handful of snow and put it on top of the little pile she was making.  

Emily making a snowman by herself.
Eventually, Grandpa realized that Emily was making another snowman, and came back to help.  The snowman that Emily insisted they make, was the Tabitha snowman.  Then she insisted that they get a blanket to keep the Tabitha snowman warm (and another blanket to keep the Emily snowman warm; she wanted one for the Grandpa snowman too).  


Michelle Collett said...

Oh, Emily.

What beautiful snowmen.

Kelsey said...

That is so sweet.

amyrose said...

What a sweet little girl!

Phil Boling said...

I felt a tad clueless when I realized that I had left while Emily was still knew there was still work to be completed.