Monday, September 12, 2011

Reasons Fordham Law drives me insane

1. The administration keeps messing up my student loans, so they don't get processed on time, and then I have to pay a late fee.

Over the summer, the registrar's office had me listed as graduated, so it took 2 1/2 months for me to get my loan. I didn't get my money until July, which is about when the semester ended.

Now, they have me listed as in bad academic standing, because the LLMs are graded on a different scale than the JD students, and so my grades aren't showing up in the system.

2. The health center doctor is incompetent.

I went in for a sinus infection, and she thought I had a heart attack. Really, she even did the test. And then started reassuring me about how I didn't have a heart attack, like I would feel better if I just knew my heart wasn't giving out. And she gave me a 1/2 hour lecture on how to scam the system at a hospital to get free medical care, because she couldn't be bothered to help me.    And then she refused to treat me for my sinus infection.

Last winter, I went in with another sinus infection, and she thought I had mono.  Because apparently all college students who are sick have mono.

3. The computers, copy machines, etc. in the library are constantly malfunctioning.  

Whenever I have to make a copy of something or print something, it takes at least twice as long as it should, because I have to find a machine that works properly. 

4. Everyone treats me like I'm not a real LLM student, because I'm American.

I am so annoyed by the administration at Fordham who constantly give me a hard time when I try to get help.  I tell them I'm an LLM student, and they look at me like I'm lying.  I know that 90% of the LLM students are international students, but do they have to be so condescending?  I even had someone tell me that my English was very good.  

5. The career advisor for LLM students went on Maternity leave, and they didn't get someone to replace her.

It would be nice if I could talk to a career advisor.  But no.  I'm not allowed to talk to the JD career advisor, and the LLM advisor went on Maternity leave.  Maybe she's back now.  But it would have been nice to talk to her at the beginning of my LLM term, instead of waiting till the end.  

6. The law student I talked to a couple weeks ago, who asked me if this was my first semester.  I can pretty much guarantee I'm at least 5 years older than him.  Sometimes its nice to look young, and sometimes I just want to smack someone.  I'm not 18, I'm 29.  Stop treating me like a child. 

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amyrose said...

That doctor does sound crazy!! I am SO GLAD you were not having a heart attack. Phew.