Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monster PJs

Last week I was in Pennsylvania, where my sister's family was having a reunion (I'm an honorary sister-in-law).  On Friday, I went shopping at the outlet mall (after it finally opened) with my sister and sister-in-law Mindee.  They brought along their little girls, so we were quite a shopping party.  3 strollers, and 4 little girls.  

We had a great time, going from shop to shop.  And then we got to Gap.  Right by the front door, there was a display of toddler PJs.  They were at the right height for little girls in a stroller to see.  I pushed my niece Annabelle over, and Annabelle looked intently at the PJs.  

There was one pair of PJs that she really loved.  It was pink, and a cute monster was appliqued on the front.  Annabelle started kicking here feet and loudly saying how much she wanted the PJs. Around me, Annabelle has almost never expressed a desire for anything, and usually she talks in almost a whisper.  She is a very demur child.  

I think children should be encouraged to express their desires, so I found Annabelle's size, and gave her the PJs. She lovingly held those PJs as if they were the most precious thing in the whole world.  We got matching PJs for all the girls, because we thought they would be beyond cute all matchy-matchy. 

And the next morning Annabelle proudly showed me the monster on her tummy, and she was all smiles.  


Rachel said...

The girls wore their pjs again last night, and looked adorable again.

AND, they must be magic pjs because Emily told me she wanted to go to sleep on her own last night, in her own bed. All by herself, no fussing from me. She even put on her own blanket.

And she did. I'm not sure she ever did that before. See, magic pjs.

amyrose said...

Aw, I saw them in matching jammies in your pictures and was wondering if they had had those all along, or what the story was. Cute!!