Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Princess School

When I moved into the Fordham dorms, I immediately felt like a princess in a castle.  I live in a tall tower overlooking the rest of the downtown campus.  My room is painted the palest pink with a pink door, and radiator.  All these things feel princess-y to me.

I visited the main Fordham campus recently, and I felt even more like a princess.  Several of the buildings on the main campus look like castles.  One of these buildings is brand new, so Fordham has clearly embraced the castle theme.  
 This is an old building, with turrets on top.

This building is brand new.  Its got turrets on top. In the picture you can just see the center turrets, but it has more at each end. And if you look closely, you can see the archway that goes underneath the building.  Its big enough to drive a couple cars through.  It feels like the gateway to a castle.  


amyrose said...

When I was at Purdue the dorms I lived in were one of the two oldest on campus and I loved it!! Beautiful buildings are so fun to live in.

Rachel said...

Now I REALLY want to come see you in New York. Emily would love to see your princess school.

Arg. Stupid plan tickets cost to much stupid money.

You ARE coming next week, right?