Sunday, September 04, 2011

Gandalf Eyebrows and the Hobbit

If you read the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring books, you may have noticed that in the book, Gandalf has eyebrows that are huge and bushy, and stick out past his hat.  

As my sister pointed out, in the Lord of the Rings movies, Gandalf's eyebrows were not bushy enough.  I always assumed that they did it that way, because eyebrows bushy as in the book were not possible.  

Sadly, I was wrong about that.  My boss from my internship this summer had Gandalf eyebrows, that could easily reach that state.  They weren't there quite yet, because (thankfully) he tried to keep them groomed.  But, sometimes he'd miss some hair, and he'd have a 3 inch long random gray, bristly hair sticking out in a random direction.  

Anyway, talking about Gandalf has made me really excited for the new Hobbit movie.  Which has Orlando Bloom in it.  Some people are complaining that Orlando Bloom shouldn't be in it.  However, I think that more Orlando Bloom is better, and besides he would have been in Mirkwood at the time the movie is set.

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