Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Worst shoes ever.

The other day, I was on the subway, when I saw the worst shoes ever.  The saddest thing, is that I've seen these shoes at least 3 times since I moved to New York City.

Toe shoes.

Yes. Toes shoes. Like toe sock, but shoes.

Because everyone wants to see your toes.  And they look sooo comfortable.  And they look like they are made for surfing, so they don't look street appropriate.  And they make the toes spread out unattractively; they make the feet look like flippers.

In a city as stylish as New York, why do toe shoes exist?


Rachel said...

I have seen them too, here in Michigan. They looked like crocs, only with places for your toes.

Kelsey said...

Aren't they supposed to be ultra-comfortable, and people use them for hiking/running etc? Or is that something different?

Jacki said...

I own multiple pairs. I love them. I highly recommend them. Ugly shoes now, beautiful feet later in life. Feet should look like feet. Cute heels now = hammer toes, bunions, and pelvic organ prolapse in a few years. When I see heels, I see adult diapers. Nothing cute about peeing your pants.

Your toes should be as dexterous as your hands. But if they are crammed in shoes all day they never get a chance. My toes are learning some great new tricks.

Long live well-spread feet! :)