Saturday, July 09, 2011

Weird Things I See in New York

I see a lot of weird things living in the city.  Here are some of the highlights:

Guy with cat on head: The other day, half a block from where I work, I saw a guy with a cat perched on his head.  A full grown cat, sitting on his head.  And he was acting all casual, talking to a couple people.  Like a full grown cat on your head isn't a bid deal.

Guy straight out of a bad eighties music video: Yesterday, when I was at the drugstore, standing in line for the checkout counter, the guy in front of me looked like he just stepped off the set of an eighties music video.  He had on leopard print skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a knee-length red velvet zebra print scarf tied around his head.  

Mullet dress: Maybe not as colorful as the first two examples, but about a month ago, I saw a woman wearing a dress that went from a mini in the front to a maxi in the back.  She wasn't a thin woman either, and the dress sort of billowed out behind her.  

Tights as legging, legging shorts: I see these all the time.  I see girls walking down the street ALL the time wearing tights as leggings.  These aren't opaque tights either.  You can clearly see their legs.  And they don't wear tunic length shirts either, no they wear regular length shirts.  So you can totally see everything.  Also, I see a lot of girls who wear legging shorts.  Legging shorts are like bike shorts, only much, much shorter.  So basically, they look like underwear.  And girls wear them around town, like they are totally ok.  

See through tops: I also see a lot of women wandering around in see through tops.  I say women, because most of the people I have seen have been over thirty.  See through tops can be cute, if you wear something underneath, like a tank top, so you don't flash the world.  But these women don't wear anything underneath besides their bras.  And these tops aren't sightly transparent.  They are basically a thin layer of COMPLETELY see through gauze.  And that isn't cute or stylish.  Its just incredibly skanky.  

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Jacki said...

mullet dress!! hahaha! Thank you for that one.