Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jackie and Aimes

The cutest thing happened on the latest episode of the Bachelor Pad.  Aimes, who was my favorite from the latest season of the Bachelorette*, and this cute girl named Jackie started hanging out in the first episode.  They were both from New York and immediately started making plans to see each other after the show was over.  Apparently they spent all their time together, which wasn't the best way to win the money, because Jackie got voted off because she wasn't popular enough.  

But it turned out to be a good way to find love.

When Jackie's limo was driving off, Aimes turned to everyone, waved goodbye, and then jogged after the limo until the driver stopped.  The he got in, and they left together.  Beyond cute.  And as they drove away, Aimes said that they'd won Bachelor Pad.  

And Reality Steve says that Jackie and Aimes were spotted together on vacay in Napa this week, which means that they're still together.  Yay!  Soooo cute.

As Michelle said, as the limo drove away.  Those to are going to make beautiful babies together, and I'm going to love it.   

* There are so many things to love about Aimes: he's smart, and funny, and such a gentleman.  And always impeccably dressed.  He was wearing a blazer, dress shirt, tie and red chinos at the rose ceremony.  If only other men would dress like that. 

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Rachel said...

Ahh! This makes me want to cry (happy tears). At least someone on the show figured out the real reason to be there. Because Bachelor/ Bachelorette casts itself as a finding love show.

And that is what he really wanted to do.