Saturday, August 20, 2011

Princess dress

So a few months ago, I started watching a Korean Drama called "My Princess". It is an absolutely adorable fictional account of a princess in modern Korea. There's lost of drama, and of course an angst-y love story. (Required in all Korean Dramas).

One of the reasons I really like the show, is because of all the beautiful clothes the princess wears. She dresses in girly, feminine clothes, with lots of pastels and lace.  

I was absolutely in love.  And I really wanted some princess clothes of my own.  And then I found this dress on, which has lots of unique dresses made by young designers.  

It has a pretty pink knit top, with flowers appliqu├ęd, and the skirt has a lace overlay.  So adorable.


amyrose said...

So, how again did you first get introduced to Korean dramas? I mean, they aren't exactly mainstream... and the dress is pretty. :)

The Plant Princess said...

I found them on

Kelsey said...

Speaking of Korean dramas, have you seen Delightful Girl (Choon Hyang)? It is pretty awesome if you have 17 hours of your life to give to it. Which I totally did. And furthermore you find it on youtube and I recommend the version by funfearlessgirl.