Monday, August 22, 2011

Brioche Bread

I had brioche bread for the first time recently.  

Whenever I watch Top Chef, it seems like someone is using brioche bread to make some kind of appetizer.   And the judges always yell at the contestants, and say it doesn't work.  I had no idea why.  The bread sounded interesting, and fun.  But I had not idea what it tasted like. 

Well, I finally got to find out.  It turns out brioche bread tastes like a croissant.  Like, instead of rolling the croissants, they put all the dough into a bread pan and bake it up.  So basically, it is a divine cloud of eggy, buttery goodness.  

I love croissants, and I loved brioche bread.  But now I understand why the judges would make comments about how it didn't work with an appetizer.  It's a bread that is meant to be soaked in coffee, or smothered in jelly or warm gooey chocolate.  It's a dessert bread.  And serving it with savory appetizers just isn't going to work.  

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