Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Borders is closing!

I have had a personal war with Borders for the past few years.  And now Borders is closing down.

Before I moved to Chicago, I never really went to Borders.  I usually shopped at Barnes and Nobel, which is a wonderful bookstore.  

Borders is not a wonderful bookstore.  The sales people are rude all the time.  And they never know anything about books.  Whenever I ask them things, they stare at me blankly, then walk over to a computer and try to look up what I need.  And Borders never gets books on their release date.  I cannot count the number of times Borders has sent me an email telling me to come to Borders to get the new book from an author I love, and when I go to Borders the sale people a) don't know anything about the book and b) are rude when they tell me the book isn't in the store, and won't be for a few weeks.

Which is why the fact that Borders is going out of business makes me happy.  Maybe if they'd hired people who knew about books and told their sales staff to be polite they wouldn't have gone bankrupt.  

And now I get to go buy books for cheap because they are having a going out of business sale.

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Anonymous said...

hmm, maybe I'll have to go check out this store is closing get books for cheap idea... thanks!