Saturday, July 02, 2011

Love in the Wild

So, apparently someone in tv producing thinks like I do, because now there is a reality tv show where couples try to find love in the midst of a grueling jungle competition.  

The show is called Love in the Wild, and only one episode has come out so far.  (It's on Hulu.)  The premise of the show is that 10 single girls, and 10 single guys arrive to the jungle.  The couples pair off, and then compete in a obstacle course race, where they have to rely on each other to do well.  The show is built on the idea that couples that work the best together and have the best chemistry will do better, and win the challenges, while those that don't match won't do as well.  Every week, the couples have the opportunity to switch partners, so they can find someone they have a better connection with. 

The first episode was pretty awesome-- the couple that won was smitten with each other.  Plus there was lots of drama with the other couples that didn't hit it off as well.  So much fun!   

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