Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tangerine spring

Tangerine is very big this season.  It is a gorgeous color, and I love it on the rack.  The only problem is that tangerine does not love me.  With my blonde hair and super-pale skin, most tangerines tend to wash me out.  

Sadly, this means I can't get the pair of super-stylish tangerine shorts from J. Crew that I absolutely adore.  They are architectural, and very au currant, and make me look like a vampire. Sad.  

But I wanted to be in on the tangerine craze, because I love the color and wanted to be in on the trend.  And then I found a sweater at Ann Taylor LOFT that was perfect.  It was tangerine, but a pastel version of the color.  

And then I found this cute pastel tangerine silk camisole from J. Crew (yes, I love that store) to go underneath.  Yay! Now I can be all trendy and tangerine.  

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Peter M Lambert said...

With the last segment of the Twilight Saga coming to the movies soon, maybe it is trendy to look like a vampire?