Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Carribean Vacay

I want to go to the Caribbean for my birthday.  This has been my goal for several years.  But now that I am close to being done with school, and (hopefully) getting a real job, its an attainable goal within the next few years.  

I really want to go to a fancy-schmancy 5 star hotel.  Where they have cabanas on the beach with pool boys to bring you cold smoothies.  And lots of yummy food.  And snorkeling, and tennis, and maybe a yacht you can hire for the day.  And lots of shopping.  And maybe some pirate ruins to play around in.  


Sometimes, when I am stressed, I think about my Caribbean vacay I am going on.  It will be wonderful, and all my favorite people will be there.  And I will be very happy.  

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Rachel said...

And I will be there, too, since I am your favorite sister. Can't wait!