Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are very in right now.  When I walk around the streets of Manhattan, all the stylish young girls are wearing ballet flats.  This makes me very happy, because I really love ballet flats.  Also, designers are making more interesting ballet flats-- I see some very swoon-worthy shoes as I walk around. 

I wish I made a lot more money so I could buy these shoes, especially this pair of Chanel flats I've seen on about 10 women-- nude patent leather with a black toe cap. Yummy scrumbos.  But they cost about $450.  

My Ballet flats:

I've had this pair of ballet flats for about 5 years, that I absolutely love. They are purple velvet.  I got them from American Eagle, and have long since broken them in to fit perfectly.  They are a little worn, but I love them.

These are my tennis shoe ballet flats.  I like wearing them to work out, because then I feel girly, and working out isn't so bad.

I just got these ballet flats from J. Crew.  I really love them.  They are super comfortable, and the color of the main body is almost exactly the same color as my feet, which makes me feel like I have shoes like the Chanel ones I've seen all over.  They even have toe caps.  

These are my Christian Loubatins.  My boss bought them for me as a bonus after we won a big case.  They are very comfy, and I feel glamorous when I wear them.  

One reason I love ballet flats so much, is because they are princess shoes.  Long ago, in the middle ages, princesses wore shoes similar to the ballet flat. These were dainty shoes, made of silk or satin or kid leather, and were perfect for walking the halls of castles, and dancing. 

When I wear my ballet flats I feel like a princess.  


Kelsey said...

you should get Rachel to sew you some shoes that look like your fancy ones. for real, I will send her a link to a pattern.

amyrose said...

so cute!

Brian Davis said...

What a cute post. I've always loved ballet flats but was too afraid to buy a pair. Then one of my best friends who worked at a shoe store suggested I try the Puma flats like your. I tried them, I loved them and I bought them. These are mine (might have to cut and paste the link to my Flickr photo page)
I bought the ones with blue trim since I'm a boy

Thanks for sharing