Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uptown Girl

I have a friend who like to call me an "uptown girl." He also refers to himself as a "downtown man."  He lives south of me, down in Union Square, Manhattan, while I live at the Lincoln Center, Manhattan, which is west of central park.  

It isn't just where I live, either.  I dress like an uptown girl-- proper and classy, with a touch of fabulous.  I like wearing ballet flats and girly-girl clothes.  I wear pearls every day, and love cardigans.  Whenever I leave my neighborhood, I feel like I stand out.  Especially when I ride the subway.  (Most of the people on the subway are trendy-hipsters, all jeggings, ironic t-shirts and androgynous hair cuts, or hood-rats with baggy jeans and backwards caps.)  Maybe this is because most uptown girls take town cars instead of riding the subway.  

Downtown men are polished, with a stylish edge.  They work in the financial district, and are smart and driven to succeed.  Maybe in the song "Uptown Girl" that wasn't what a downtown man was.  But now, a downtown man is a good catch-- a modern day prince.

So I'm just an uptown girl looking for her downtown man.  

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