Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar 2011 Best Dressed

This year at the Oscars, the fashion was all about color.  While my favorite color (pink) was absent, the stars dressed in blue, red, purple and even orange dresses.  Happily, my least favorite color (black) was mostly passed over by the stars.  Another trend among the stars was grays and metallics, but I didn't feel that any of these dresses were worthy of being in my top 10.  Also, I feel like metallics and pale grays and creams are passé, after they were done so much last year.  Like black, those dresses are becoming the staple of people who just want to play it safe--which isn't going to put you into my top 10.  

I've grouped my top 10 below, by color.

Beautiful Blues:

Anne Hathaway (Giorgio Armani Privé), Amy Adams, and Mandy Moore

I loved the deep blues worn by these lovely ladies.  For my modest readers: please note that Amy Adams' dress is incredibly modest--there is no gaping hole on her back, which usually happens when a star covers up this much.  Next time you go out on the town in a modest dress, just say "I'm channeling Amy Adams at the 2011 Oscars", and feel like a movie star.  

For those fans of Chuck: yes that is the actor who plays Chuck, and yes, he is singing a duet with Mandy Moore.  Now you wish you'd watched the Oscars like me.  Mandy's dress is gorgeous-- plus I love the architectural statement of a skirt completely covered in flowers.  

Both Amy and Anne's dresses reflected light beautifully, adding to their stylish grace.  

Radiant Reds:
Anne Hathaway (Valentino), Sandra Bullock (Vera Wang), Anne Hathaway (Atelier Versace)

Red is always classic.  These dresses had a little something extra.  Anne's first dress had a beautiful bustle, while her second red dress sparkled under the bright lights on stage.  Sandra's dress was modern, with a traditional twist of a giant, bustle-like bow, which you can't see in the picture, but was minimal and stylish as only Vera Wang can do.  

Opulent Oranges:
Florence Welch, Jennifer Hudson (Versace)

Orange is very big this season, and the stars brought the trend to the Oscars in a big way.  Jennifer Hudson's dress has a large architectural feature, like Anne and Sandra's.  Florence (of Florence and the Machine) highlighted another trend popular at the Oscars this year: modesty and sleeves.

Pretty Purples:
Mila Kunis (Elie Saab haute couture), Natalie Portman (Rodarte)

Mila's dress was my favorite of the night.  It looks like a fairy princess dress.  For real life, it would definitely need a lining, but on the red carpet it was gorgeous.  Natalie's dress is perhaps my all-time favorite dress worn by a pregnant woman on the red carpet.  It highlights her pregnant figure without making her look fat or matronly, like many red carpet pregnancy dresses.  

In summary, the major trends of the red carpet this year wear color, shine, architectural statements and modesty.  All in all, it was a good year for fashion and style.  


Peter M Lambert said...

While I like most of your commentary, I have to disagree with the last, purply bit. Mila looks like she forgot to put a dress on over her slip. The dress also emphaizes her lack of bust and still makes her look fat. Natalie's dress makes her look like a pregnant midget.

Rachel said...

Very funny Peter, although I don't think Natalie Portman looks like a midget. And Mila's dress isn't that bad.