Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Korean Dramas and the hot boy in my class

So I've been watching a lot of Korean dramas lately.  They are so dramatic and fun.  And the boys are all super romantic.  Recently I started watching My Princess, which is awesome, because the main character gets to wear really pretty clothes all time--modern interpretations of princess fashion.  She wears a lot of ruffles and lace and pastels.  Yummy.

Anyway, so there is this Korean boy in my class, who I think is very cute.  He is tall, and handsome.  But sometimes I think that I think he is cute only because he looks like the male leads in the Korean dramas I watch.  

Its probably all a moot point, because I don't think the guy is remotely interested in me-- the most interaction we've had in class is when we were all arguing, and I directly disagreed with a point he had made.  I think he glared at me.  

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