Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Year in Status Game

Lets play a game to see who knows me best.  Below you can see my 'year in status' compilation from my facebook stati (plural of status).  See how many questions you can get right:

1. Why do I feel like Sheen?
2. Why am I worried about Rachel?
3. Why did I get so upset?
4. What made my brain so mushy?
5. What goal weight am I aiming for?
6. Where was I moving?
7. What movie was being filmed?
8. Who was too busy to talk to me? And who did I miss so much? (Same person.)
9. What movie am I referencing with the vixen/fox comment?
10. What made this Christmas exciting?


Kelsey said...

1. Because you both have good looking mug shots
2. Because she told you she didn't like Cher anymore
3. Because someone cut you off in traffic
4. Froot Loops and the Bar Exam
5. 458 pounds
6. Chicago
7. Daddy Daycare 17
8. Jacki
9. Robin Hood
10. Santa Claus brought you pie

Jacki said...

Oh Kelsey, I can do better!

1. Because you are shiny.
2. Because of birthing.
3. Because you burned the pie.
4. lawyering
5. 95 lbs
6. to a pretty new apartment
7. Junior
8. your crush
9. the fox and the hound
10. kissing