Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Website

The website recently got a new addition of a happy sumo mascot*.  

I use the website when I need to get a quick overview of an area of law I am unfamiliar with.  The website has outlines from law students all over the united states, and you can find pretty much any topic.  It helps when I need to get a quick over view of a subject I didn't take in law school, and my bar review books don't cover the subject in enough detail.

While I used to feel rather ambivalent about the website, the addition of the happy sumo man makes me feel happy.  It's like when I got Sven**, and stuck him on my dash board.  The first time I drove down the hill I lived on in Norwalk, and onto the freeway, and Sven bobbled along to the beat of my wheels across the pavement, I felt a wave of happiness.  The happy sumo man makes me feel the same way.  Yes, life can be overwhelming.  But sometimes along the way we find unexpected pleasures, which make the journey a little lighter.  

*The happy sumo man mascot is clothed.  Like he is taking a relaxing break, and gets to chill out by the pool eating his mountain of yummy food and wearing his kimono, and possibly flirting with pretty girls.  

**My viking bobble-head doll.  Interestingly, Rachel has crafted him a wardrobe, so that he will always be adequately dressed.  He has a heavy cape for winter, a lei for summer, a Christmas wreath (to wear on his viking helmet), and a St. Patrick's day cap.  

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Rachel said...

I don't remember the wreath or the St. Patricks day cap. Are you sure I made them?

PS Dan says he thinks he remember the cap.