Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pie solves most problems

Today, at work I had a full on panic attack.  I was sitting in my boss' office, while he was talking on the phone, and suddenly I just wanted to cry.  Also, I was seized with the immediate desire to gorge myself on pie.  

Pie is extremely hard to find in Downtown Chicago.  Most restaurants do not carry pie.  Those with deserts usually have cake, or cheesecake, or even creme brulee.  But not pie.  Which is a tragedy.

Pie is delicious.  Its warm, flaky crust delicately breaks in your mouth, as its smooth, delicious filling gently coats your tongue in a warm bath of tart goodness.   All your cares melt away as you take that first heavenly bite.  

Cake and cheesecake and creme brulee are all delicious.  But they are all missing the comforting goodness that pie offers.  Each is a little to sweet, and lacks the satisfaction of the perfect pie.  

After work, I went in search of pie.  I didn't find any.  I had to settle for carrot cake.  The cake did have a delectable coating of walnuts which offered a crunchy counterpoint to the perfectly sour frosting, but it wasn't pie.

I miss pie.  

When I was in law school I used to visit a restaurant called the Grand Traverse Bay Pie Company.  They had so many delicious pies.  Sometimes when I was having a particularly bad day, I would visit that haven of pie goodness, and have a salad and a slice of pie.  Yum.  Somehow, eating that pie made things a lot easier.

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Jan said...

I don't like pie, but I hope that you find some. Did you try the freezer aisle of a supermarket? Maybe you will get lucky and find a little pie.