Monday, March 08, 2010

Best Dressed Oscars 2010

Below you can find my favorite picks from last night's Oscars.  Based on the best dresses of last night, this years trends are sparkley gold, lavender and gray.  The best dresses were feminine, using details such as ruffles, and were all delightfully ladylike.

Sparkley Gold 

Cameron Diaz (left) and Miley Cyrus (right) both shone in beautify sparkley gold dresses.  Both dresses had flowing skirts, and tight bodices, with a natural waist.  While Cameron's dress was covered in sparkles, Miley's dress was more demur: her sparkles were limited to her hips. 


Queen Latifah and Zoe Saldana both triumphed in lovely lavender gowns.  Queen Latifah's trumpet cut gown highlighted her curves to perfection, and her sparkley silver accent took the gown from merely wonderful to gorgeous.  Zoe Saldana embraced the sparkley gold trend with her bustier, and then dove into perfection with her delightful feminine skirt of lavender deepening into royal purple and adorned many layers of perfect ruffles.  


Elizabeth Banks and Natalie Mark both showed how glamorous gray can be.  Both ladies have a sweet heart neckline, with a mermaid cut gown.  Elizabeth's dress had beautiful architectural details in the bodice, and then a glorious train of ruffles.  Natalie's dress, on the other hand, was covered in sparkles, and was otherwise very simple and elegant.  Both dresses were very lovely.   

(Natalie Mark is shown with her boyfriend Sam Worthington, who is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.)

Other Dresses of Note

My other favorites of the evening were worn by Luciana Barroso (wife of Matt Damon) and Tina Fey.  Luciana wore a lovely pale pink dress, which was beautifully draped.  Tina Fey wore a gorgeous gown in black, not usually my favorite color, but it was saved by the interesting architectural detailing in the bodice, and the wonderful pattern of sparkles across the dress.   


Rachel said...

thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Liked reading your comments. :) The people at yahoo style didn't like Zoe's dress but I did. I'm glad to see that you did too.

poetryinside said...

It always cracks me up how we never agree on Oscar gowns lol. I'll have to post a list for you to skewer ;).