Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shy, Dumb, Pretty Girl Niche

A couple days ago, I had a man tell me that I go through life in the shy, dumb, pretty girl niche. At first I was upset, "I'm not dumb!" I loudly defended myself, glaring across the table at him. How could he say that, I thought, seeing as how he met me at lawschool, and had seen me devastatingly intelligent in class?

He glared back. "I didn't say you are dumb, I meant that in most of your social settings, you fill that niche. It's true isn't it?"

I reluctantly agreed that he was probably right. I hate losing arguments.

I do always try to be stylish, even at work. My hair is always done, and I have loads of accessories. And I am terribly shy. So, perhaps people who meet me assume that I am dumb, too. The fact that I am terribly ditzy doesn't help.

This may explain my prior failures in the romance department. I have had a lot of loud, stupid men try to ask me out. And the natural mate for the shy, dumb, pretty girl is the loud, stupid man. I refuse to date somone who isn't intelligent, especially since most men expect the woman they date to pretend to be stupid so they feel good about themselves. Going through life pretending to be stupid to make some idiot feel better about himself is not my idea of true love.

When you are in love, you should be able to be yourself, and you should be able to fight, and get over it. Plus, I like winning arguments.

I just wish Mr. 'Ha! I know you better that your think' hadn't made me take off my super cute headband. He told me he couldn't take me seriously with it on, and he needed to talk about serious matters.

Life would be so much easier if people thought that shy, pretty girls could be smart. Then I could wear all the terribly cute accessories I wanted, and people would still take me seriously.

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Kelsey said...

Maybe this dude likes you but is intimidated by your beauty???