Sunday, September 20, 2009

Light and Fluffy

Yesterday, I taught my roommate how to bake a cake. Apeksha is from India, and has never baked anything before. She was very excited about the whole thing, and would sometimes poke her head in my room, and ask if we were going to bake the cake that day.

Finally, we made the cake Saturday night. We went with a very simple yellow cake recipe. The trick is to beat the butter, eggs and sugar together for a very long time: between five and ten minutes. When the batter turns fluffy and the palest yellow, it is time to add the flour and milk.

We put the cake in the oven, and it turned out perfectly: golden brown on top, and smelling delicious. Apeksha wanted to eat it immediately. I told her we had to wait for it to cool down, so it wouldn't crack when we de-panned it. I said we'd probably have to wait half and hour. Ten minutes later she went over to inspect it, "It's cool now. Can we eat it now?"

"Really? Is the pan still hot?"

The pan was still hot, but I gave in, and we de-panned the cake, made the icing, and frosted the cake. And then we got to eat.

The cake turned out perfect: light and perfectly moist. Like a cake from a bakery. I wanted to hug myself with joy. I love taking ingrediants and creating something perfect. The frosting was a orange cream cheese frosting, perfectly tangy and not too sweet.

Yum, yum.

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amydaisyrose said...

That sounds so delicious! And how fun to make a cake with someone who had never done it before!