Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really love good food. The kind of food where you can take a bite, and you are completely transported away from all your problems. Your boss that yells at you, gone. The fact that you don't make enough money, gone. The unending feeling of inadaquacey that is compounded every time you talk to your twin sister, who is married with a baby while you are still completely single, gone.

Ahh, if only the magic of that scrumptous bite could last forever, and a simple bite of food could make life's traumas disappear permanently. The solution to all life's problems could only be a few calories away.

Instead, after you eat the yummies, you feel stressed again, plus now you are fat.


Kelsey said...

You could just keep eating. Then you wouldn't care so much about being fat, because you would be perpetually happy. Also, you are a freakin lawyer, I'm sure you are sooooo inadequate. :)

Rachel said...

If you are so much less adequate than I, how come my house is always messy, and yours looks so good in the pictures?