Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tres Bien

Today, I celebrated passing the bar. I went to go see the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens", which was very funny.

After the movie, I went shopping at Gap, and tried on a bunch of clothes. There was a simply divine spring jacket, with beautiful architectural details. It was very french, and completely flattering. Sadly, funds are limited, so I couldn't buy it.

After shopping, I went to a french restaurant-- the Bistro 101. The food was tres magnifique. I had Duck La Orange, which I loved. The duck was prepared beautifully. Usually when I have duck, it is too gamey or too fattey, but this duck was fragant without being overpowering, and perfectly moist. The duck was served over a bed of sweet potatos, which had been sauteed until they were just carmalized. The plate was surrounded by orange slices (no rind), and garnished with a few pieces of parsley.

After dinner, I went to the bookstore, and browsed books for a while. All in all, I had a wonderful time.

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MamaB said...

Don't tell me you did all this fun stuff all by your self! 'Cause if you did then I will just have to take the train to Chicago 'cause I like to shop, I have no money and l like most colors of duck and I should go with you. On the other hand if you went with someone, hummm ... I wonder who ....