Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Passed the Bar

Yeah! I passed the bar!

After months of studying, of anxiously dwelling on the possibility of failure, I finally got my results from the bar exam. And I passed! I passed both the bar and the MPRE, and the character and fitness examination.

This brings us to a very important question: what am I going to wear for the swearing-in-ceremony?

Those who attended my graduation know that I chose to go with the flirty-yet-sophisticated combination of my golden-rod pinstriped pleated skirt, a lacy cami and a cropped green puffed-sleeved cardi. Tres chic.

While this outfit was, of course, adorable, I think that I should look more professional for my swearing-in-ceremony. Right now I have 3 basic outfit ideas planned.

First, I could go with a basic black suit, with pants, my black patent-leather loafers, and some sort of feminine blouse. This combination would be very professional, and would have a decided air of masculinity that so many people feel is essential to a classic lawyer outfit. And as the swearing-in-ceremony may be one of my proudest lawyer-moments to date, perhaps I should choose a quintiessential lawyer outfit.

The second outfit I am contemplating is a trendy young professional look: my brown loafers, with a pair of wide-leg brown trousers, my white puff-sleeved button down and a cropped vest. While I would look very stylish in this outfit, I doubt that it is sophisticated enough for a swearing-in-ceremony. It is more business casual than business meeting.

The third look I may go with is a very feminine look: my white suit, with a skirt, my red tuxedo-front polka-dot blouse, and a pair of black stockings with black patent-leather sling-back flats. I think the combination of a white suit (which is very in right now) with the bold blouse, and the classic black tights and shoes would be both feminine and business appropriate.


Peter M Lambert said...

I like the third one, "Feminine", but the first one is okay too ("Classic"). I don't like the second one, it looks like you are going to a rock concert or something.

amydaisyrose said...

I love your drawings! You are amazing.