Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lana, The Hairdresser

Yesterday, I went to get my haircut at a salon near my house, and my hairdresser was a girl named Lana. Half her hair was blonde, almost white, and the other half was a dark purple. She had a nose ring, and a tough-as-nails attitude. She threatened to kick me out of the chair when she thought I changed my mind mid-haircut.

She was my favorite hairdresser I have ever been to. Most hairdressers are sticky-sweet, and remind me of the kind of person who tortured me in highschool about not being pretty enough. Lana reminded me of my friend Emily, who is completely awesome, and not the kind of person who chooses friends based on how they look.

At some point during our conversation, Lana told me that you have to stick up for yourself, or people will walk all over you. I totally agree. I am a very laid back person, and don't like to make waves. People walk all over me constantly.

I think I will try to be more assertive. Usually, I just try to be nice so people will like me. But Lana is one of the first persons I've met in Chicago that I wanted to be friends with. Maybe I can learn to be assertive, and still be friendly.


Saine said...

Are you talking to about me? Or some other Emily that is awesome? And yes looks don't matter and you can be nice and still speak your mind. I hope you are enjoying your new job!! and I can't believe you are a lawyer!!!

megnjon said...

Janine! It's your old half roommate, Megan! Congratulations on passing the bar exam! Aside from studying, what have you been up to? What are your post-bar exam plans?