Monday, December 31, 2007


In facebook there is an application where you can make babies with other people. It is a fun application. It is mostly silly. I have a feeling my mother would not approve, but that is neither here nor there, since my mother doesn't approve of much in my life. I found out a couple days ago that her friends in college used to call her Super Prude, which explains so much of my childhood...

I made a few babies with the application. This made me feel better about life. There is a certain point in a girl's life when her body decides that it is time to be a mother, and all her plans and careful reasons for waiting are not worth a hill of beans when her body starts screaming at her once a month about why she isn't bearing a child yet. Anyway, when I start feeling too baby hungry, I go play with my babies on facebook, which vaugely helps. Of course, babysitting my niece helps a lot more.

It probably doesn't help that most of my friends are obsessed with babies. My best friend is obsessed with not having one-- she got married a year ago, and is still opposed to the idea. Most of my other friends are obsessed with having one, this includes most of my non-married friends. Sometimes we go baby clothes shopping together when we are at Meijer's. My twin sister is completely obsessed, it takes up most of her thought processes. She is really, really moody because of it. Basically the only time she was in a normal emotional state when I was visiting her was when we were in baby stores, or reading her baby name book.

Speaking of the baby name book, we were reading it, and I found the most awesome name: Gomer. Now, I wouldn't actually name a baby Gomer. And it might be weird for most pets. Maybe a fish. But it is completely awesome. I'll have to find something. Maybe a stuffed animal, or a car--something like that.

I really like my life. I'm glad I waited to get married and have babies, despite the fact that sometimes my body complains. There is something inherently peaceful about the way my life has turned out. I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from going to lawschool, from studying in Vienna, from living many places and learning to be independant. I like the way my life feels unhurried-- like a graceful dance, where all the pieces fall beautifully in step with the music-- at times I am lost in the whirl of the individual steps, but then I take a step back, and realize that there is an over-reaching pattern, and I am at peace.

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