Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yeah!! I got my grades back. I have a 2.98 for my first semester at MSU law school. I know it is not very good-- not even a 3.0-- but I have decided to be ok about it. Business Enterprises kicked my butt-- I only got a C, but then I never did the reading for that class, so I probably didn't deserve anything higher. The saddest thing was that I only got a C+ in Indian Law-- and that was the class I felt the most prepeared for the final, and the class I liked the best. Dang. Plus, I am in Advanced Indian Law now, and the C+ worries me slightly. Though in Advanced Indian Law, we don't have to take a final-- just write a paper. My highest grade was an A. That was in Advanced Property-- but that was my class worth the least credits (only 2, while Business Enterprises was 4 credits.)

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