Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Car Troubles

I had a bad day today. All because of Sven.

So this morning, I had to get up and leave my apartment by 8:00 to get to my brother's by 8:30, so I could babysit Kamina. It was imperitive that I leave on time. So I got out to my car a little early, so I could scrape my car off, and have it warm up. I was having fun, listening to the music and singing along while scraping my car-- everything was going great. And then I went to leave, and the driver's door wouldn't close. I mean, it would close, but the little hooky thingy that keeps the door shut wouldn't catch, and the door would just fall open. This wasn't the biggest problem when I was going straight-- the door would stay in its frame, but when I went around corners, it would fall open. I had to hold it closed when I went around corners. I would try to go slow, so the door wouldn't go far, but I'm not very strong, so the door would still be too heavy, and it would come open a little.

It was awful!!! Halfway to Peter's house I started sobbing. When I got there, I was a wreck. I swore I wouldn't drive it again until the door would actually shut properly. So Peter looked at it, and it took him all of 4 seconds to fix it. He just pushed the lock stick thingy down or something. I had tried that!! It wouldn't move.

I am so pathetic. At least my car is safe again.

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Cary said...

Keep up the good work.