Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas Vacation

On the whole, Christmas Vacation was pretty good. Being at home was very stressful, so luckily I got to go to Utah for a week. My friend, Kristi, was getting married, so I flew out for that. It was lots of fun. Kristi was so pretty in her wedding dress. She looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. On the whole the wedding went very smoothly, though Kristi's family was still really stressed out. That was sad. Still, they were not my family, so it did not really bother me.

I got back to Michigan on the 30th, and then left for East Lansing on the 2nd. John was driving me insane. We were NOT getting along. He cheered when I announced that I was leaving. ARR. It took me almost the whole hour and a half drive back to East Lansing to get over being mad at him.

The past few days have all been about stress reduction. For the first few days after I arrived in East Lansing, I took 2 showers/baths a day. Baths are key in stress reduction. I also slept lots. Now I am almost to key stress levels. Isn't it nice that it took me 3 weeks to get over the stress of finals. And people wonder why I don't want to be a lawyer. Can you imagine me as a lawyer, I would have panic attacks in the middle of the trial. That would be professional.

On tuesday, while I was still in Sterling Heights, I went shopping at Nordstrom's. I LOVE Nordstrom's. It is like a combination on Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and Gap. So nice-- and such a wide selection. And not as expensive. I got myself some nice stuff.

EARLY WARNING: I will be doing the 17 days of green again this year (17 days in March leading to and including St. Patty's day) and I would like to invite all my friends to join in. I realize that most people don't have 17 green outfits, like me, but then, most people recirculate outfits more often than I do. I LOVE green.

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