Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Peter and Cora in front of their house. Cora is very pregnant!

to the left: Cora and Kamina at the hospital. right: me holding Kamina at the hospital. We had so much fun visting the baby, and bringing father's day and mother's day presents for Peter and Cora.

Me holding Kamina after the baby blessing. We had lunch at Peter and Cora's house. Kamina was still so small!

below: Michael, with his scraped face, and his bike. Michael got in a fight with a car while riding his bike. The car won.

Tlauzoh holding the teddy bear me and Rachel got him. He lost his teddy bear at church, so we bought him a new one. When we went to Toys R Us to buy him a teddy bear, he liked them all-- so Sally had to chose one she liked.

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