Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pretty, Rain and Free Food

Pretty: A couple weeks ago Fiat told me I was 'very pretty'. Fiat is my friend-- he goes to my home singles ward. This would be the first time that a boy told me that I was pretty. Sure my brothers have told me I was pretty-- usually when I would be moping about how fat and ugly I was. A couple of my guy friends told me I was pretty-- but only after another one of my friends told them to do so (because I was moping.) (Do you see a pattern here?)

Anyway-- my point is that it doesn't really count when your brother or guy friend says it-- especially when you KNOW that it is because they want you to stop moping. Fiat told me I was pretty-- not because I was moping, but because he wanted to tell me that. We were discussing why I never dated at BYU. Fiat expressed amazement that I hadn't been asked out all the time-- because I was really pretty.

Throughout the summer Fiat has been paying me compliments about how I look. He calls me a supermodel-- and has made playful comments about how hot me and Rachel are. Fiat's a fun guy to flirt with.

Rain: Yesterday, when I got done with class, I went outside and it was raining. It was a pretty heavy rain-- though I wouldn't call it a down pour, because you could still see pretty far. I didn't really try to see excessive distances-- the rain was getting in my eyes-- but I could see at least a hundred feet.

I didn't have an umbrella. I tried calling Peter to get a ride-- but he didn't answer his cell phone. He never answers his cell phone. So I decided to walk home. FHE was starting in 20 minutes-- and they were serving dinner. I wanted food-- plus I thought it would be good to go to FHE. It's part of my new activation plan. I am going to start going to all the activities. Then maybe I will have friends. Last year in Connecticutt was so depressing. Sometimes, when I am alone in my new apartment, I think "oh-- I'm so depressed-- life is so hard." Then I remember what it was like in Connecticutt, and I'm like-- "Nevermind-- this might be lonely but it is NOTHING like living in Connecticutt." At least here I get to see other people on a frequent basis-- and they say 'Hi' to me, and some of them remember my name-- and I know I get to go home and see my family soon. (This weekend, I'm going to the State Fair with my home single's ward.)
I don't have Friday classes, so I can go home whenever I want because I ALWAYS HAVE 3 DAY WEEKENDS!!! hee hee (smiles with glee)

Anyway-- back to my story. So I started walking home. It is about half a mile from the Law building on MSU campus to the LDS Living Center (where I live.) I realized quickly several things. First, I realized that my shoes were too wet to walk in without getting blisters. So I took them off. You know-- when you are wearing flip-flops, and the soles get wet under your feet, and then you slide around, and get blisters. I knew if I walked for half a mile in those flip-flops, my feet would be hurting by the time I got home. Plus, MSU doesn't have a rule (like BYU does) about wearing shoes on campus. The second thing I realized was that the rain was actually pretty warm-- so though I was going to get soaked, I wasn't going to freeze. I did, eventually, get cold. But that was after 20 minutes of walking in the rain. The third thing I realized was that my make-up was not going to make it. I had already accepted the fact that my hair and clothes were going to be soaked-- but I was a little sad, when I realized all my make-up was washing away. This meant that I wouldn't look that great at FHE.

I was very, very soaked when I got home. My clothes were still wet when I was getting ready for school this morning. (They were in a pile on the floor next to my laundry basket. I wasn't still wearing them.)

Free Food: Yeah!! There is so much free food here, I could jump for joy. Every day at lunch time the institute has a 'bit of a nibble' which is supposed to encourage us to socailize or something. The lady who runs it seems to think that it is not enough food for someone to eat solely for lunch. Maybe a big guy would go have to eat more food at his apartment-- but for a girl like me, it is just the right amount. On monday we had grilled cheese sandwhiches (which I ate because it was free, having never liked grilled cheese before in my life. I actually kind of liked it. If I totally divorced myself from the fact that it was suppossed to taste like cheese (if I didn't think about it, it tasted like thick, flavored cream on toast) I was able to eat it. Plus, I didn't want to offend the nice lady who runs it by not eating the food. Today we had hot dogs. Yummy. I had 2- with lots of mustard and ketchup on them.

Friday night (the day I got here) they had pizza and chips (and a movie, which I didn't stay to watch-- because it was outside, and so were the misquetos.) Last night, at FHE, we had Taco Salad, brownies, and corn. I had sour cream and Salsa on my corn (I forgot to put it on my salad)-- it was really yummy (though pretty messy.)

mmmmmmmmm. I love free food.

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Saine said...

it sounds like you are having a much better time at MSU- I am glad-I hope all is going well... Love ya lots Emily