Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My favorite baby picture

This is my favorite baby picture. Isn't it the cutest? Right now I am suppossed to be studying for my constitutional midterm. Hmm. I would much rather be blogging. I am so excited for Peter and Cora's baby. They decided on the name but they won't tell me! I am so annoyed. Well not annoyed, really--more like I REALLY REALLY want to know-- and they won't tell me. Maybe impatient is a better word. But the kind of impatient where you bounce up and down with pent up energy. Not that anyone over 5 actually bounces- but we all want to.

I am also watching wheel of Fortune right now. I like wheel of fortune. I usually get the clues before the people in the TV--so then I sit there yelling out the answer. I supposse I look like an idiot- but since I'm the only one watching it doesn't matter. I do get particularily annoyed if its super easy, and they can't get it. This was one of the reasons I didn't like the DaVinci code. There is this super easy puzzle near the end of the book-- the answer is apple. So throughout the whole book, the main character is this genius who can solve any puzzle, and get everything super fast-- I didn't get any of the other puzzles in the book. But the apple one drags on for, like, 2 chapters-- and it was intuitively obvious. I was super annoyed; I actually started yelling at the character in the book. So the clue was Newton's orb. Now tell me apple doesnt immediately jump to mind. Ok- so I already gave you the answer- but still. EVERYONE has heard the story about how the apple fell on Newton's head. The guy in the book started rambling about planets. That was the beginning of the annoyance. Then they got another clue- and that was so totally obvious apple to. I have no particular desire to see the movie. Especially since when I was reading the book I was glad it was a book and not a movie- because then I didn't have to see the blood and other nasty bits.

I think venting helped relieve some of my stress about the midterm tomorrow.

Dang. I have a midterm tomorrow.

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