Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dean Scholar

This is a rather ego-centric map of Pace.

A couple days ago, I got a letter from the registrar's office on campus-- I am a DEAN SCHOLAR!!!!! I was so excited, I immediately called Rachel and my parents. Then I did a snoopy dance, and chanted "I am a dean scholar, I am a dean scholar" all over the house. I was very excited-- I haven't been on the honor roll since high school. I found out later the message I left on Rachel's voicemail was uninteligible, so the one I left with my parents was probably unintelligable too. I think I stop enunciating when I get excited. Plus, I was reciting my excited chant in the middle of the message, so that probably help confuse things.

Yesterday I went to go see the new Amanda Bynes movie- She's the Man. Its based on Shakespear's 12th night. I REALLY REALLY liked it. It was SO good. I haven't laughed that much in a movie in a really long time. The whole thing was done really well, and Amanda trying to act like a guy was hilarious. The movie people all gave it a bad review-- but I don't think they know what they we're talking about. Though, this was definately a chick flick-- maybe they were all guys who loathe chick flicks. If you like other modern remakes of Shakespeare (10 Things I hate about You, and Clueless) you should see She's the Man.

If you want to watch the trailer on Yahoo! movie- simply click the link below.,wmv-100-s.21319238-0,wmv-56-s.21319239-0,wmv-700-s.21319235-0,wmv-28-s.21319239-0&id=1808762534&f=1808762534&mspid=1809250843&type=t

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