Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Land use law

"Miserable and disreputable housing conditions may do more than spread disease and crime and immorality. They may also suffocate the spirit by reducing the people who live there to the status of cattle. They may indeed make living an almost insufferable burden. They may also be an ugly sore, a blight on the community which robs it of charm, which makes it a place from which men turn. The misery of housing may despoil a community as an open sewer may ruin a river."

--Mr Justice Douglas, Berman v. Parker

This quote talks about land use law- the law of zoning, etc. I think I really like land use law- from both the environmental and urban development aspects. Environmental, because we need to take care of our environment, for use in the future, and urban development, because people should be able to have safe, affordable housing.

I am probably going to do a land use law internship this summer (if I can swing one- otherwise a general internship). If anyone has any suggestions-- please email me!!

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