Friday, November 11, 2005

Spotlight on: Peter!!

Peter is my little brother, by a year. When I was growing up, me, my twin sister(Rachel), and Peter would call ourselves triplets because we were so close. Me and Rachel have always known that Peter would make an excellent husband- because he was such a good brother. Peter would listen to us complain, and be so sweet about trying to make us feel better. I used to complain that I was fat- like girls are often wont to do, and Peter would look at me, and tell me quite in no uncertain terms, that not only was I not fat, but I was too skinny. Peter always made me feel so good about myself.

And then Peter got married!! I was so excited and happy- I absolutely love Cora, Peter's wife. They make the cutest couple. They both have rosy red cheeks, very blond hair and blue or gray eyes. They look like two little cherubs- and they are both such happy, affable people you can't help being happy just being around them.

Ever since he got married, Peter has been excited to have a baby- he started carrying around a baby picture of Cora in his wallet, and showing it to people, and telling them that this is what his baby would look like. And now he will have his dream come true- because Cora is pregnant! The baby is due in June- exactly 2 and 1/2 years after they got married (to the day). They already have a ultrasound, which Peter is very proud of. It looks like a peanut, so they are calling the baby Peanut. Isn't that SO CUTE?

It was the perfect time to get pregnant- because they had just bought a house in a family friendly neighbor just down the street from a park.

This is a picture of Peter's house. It is a good size for a little family. Three bedrooms, with a garage, and a yard. I am glad I got to see a picture, because Peter wasn't very good at describing the house. He didn't mention the shutters at all- and I SPECIFICALLY asked about them.

Congratulations, Peter, and good luck on the next chapter in your life.

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