Monday, November 07, 2005

Movie Preview time

Ahhhh!! (excited screaming)

Harry Potter is coming soon!!! Ahhhh!!!

Here is a link to see some Harry Potter Previews

So I've been spending some time watching Harry Potter previews. So excited. Me and Rachel are going to go see Harry Potter when she comes out to visit me in 16 days!

I also watched some previews of the new Pride and Prejudice movie, with Keira Knightly. At first I didn't belive that this movie could be any good- I mean how do you compare to the version with Colin Firth? I mean, really? However, I think I may be willing to give this movie a try- it looks like the director tried to put a slightly different spin on the movie, and make it a little fresher, and faster paced. Could be good- we'll have to see.

These are the three versions of Pride and Prejudice that I like the best- there is of course Bride and Prejudice which is also very good- though it is not exactly the same thing, since they changed the name. There is a fourth version of Pride and Prejudice they made a couple years ago. It wasn't any good.

Heres a link to see the Pride and Prejudice movie preview

This movie looks really funny: its called Over the Hedge

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